Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ralph and I

Back in July, eleven, 7-11s became Kwik-E-Marts from The Simpsons. Here is a pic of me with Ralph. It kind of looks like he is checking out my chest.

The stores were only open for 1 month and have now closed, sadly. They usually had a line, we waited 10 mins to get into the one in Burbank. They do still have most of the special stuff however at all 7-11s in the US, Buzz Cola, Krusti-Os and of course slurpies. (No Duff however, PG-13 movie and all).

Here's a link talking about the sprinkle donuts they had.... Probably the worst donuts I have ever eating by the way. Nothing but sugar. Glazed and frosted and sprinkled. NASTY.

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