Sunday, May 31, 2009

Japan: Tokyo: Shinjuku Video

Here is some video from today in Shinjuku... Very busy at night with many young people out. 2 different men asked if we wanted to have sex with prostitutes. "Japanese girls will do anything..." Ah, no thank you.

All of today's Shinjuku pics are here.

Japan: Tokyo Station Walk

Tokyo Station is the largest train station I have ever been in. Joe thought it would be fun to show people how long it takes to get from one train to another. This is from the Chuo Line area (Mid-Town) to the Keiyo Line (To Disneyland)... All sorta of small shops and stuff to see along the way. Also tons of people coming back from Disneyland with balloons, popcorn buckets and shopping bags.

Japan: Gay Tokyo

With a city this large, one would think the gay part of town would be bigger. This is one of the only couple of very small streets that make up the gay section. It's only about 5 square blocks big...

Shinjuku 2-Chome is the gay area. On this make those roads are one car wide with a small side walk area...



Japan: CK Underwear

More CK Underwear. Some really crazy colors/patterns. Very fun...






Japan: Mt Dew


The Mt Dew along with everything else taste different. I'm guessing they use real sugar instead of corn to make it sweet. It's okay tasting. That Max Air 3 is sorta like a very light Mt Dew. Sorta diet tasting, but no weird chemical taste. I prefer normal dew. All 3 of those came from vending machines.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Japan: Visit to Akihabara Electric Town

Check out all of the pics from Saturday here.

Japan: Capsules Machines Everywhere

At the largest electronic store I have ever seen (see video of Akihabara) they had 2 long long aisles of capsule machines. Crazy.



Japan: Food

Flan in a can. It really was what was shown on the can. Big blobs of Flan. I liked it, but it was very hard to drink. Joe didn't really like it.
Flan In A Can

Mos Burger. I'm guessing you get to pick what goes in the middle? Should be fun. Hopefully gonna try that today.

Japan: Super creepy sex dolls

A store yesterday had these really scary sex dolls. Check out how small/kid like the one by the sofa is. Very creepy.

Japan: Curry = Yum

Some restaurants have this fun vending machine that you buy the meal from:

Then you give the ticket to the person at the counter and in less then 3 minutes they had our food out to us. Very yummy and very fast.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Japan: Mermaid Lagoon at DisneySea

Here is the last of the videos from DisneySea... A quick walk through of Mermaid Lagoon. It's mostly inside. Very amazing theming. Great for a rainy day, like when we were there on day 2.

Vamp Joe in a Fine Video

Here is my man in a Fine Bros video. Sadly his scene was cut from the final video, but here it is in the extra footage.

Japan: All sorts of crazy... Snacks




Mt Dew... Not crazy, just exciting that I finally found some. Haven't had it yet, but excited to see what it taste like. Coke is so different tasting. Way less sweet. Very strange, but still good.

More fun food pics here.

Japan: KitKat Bars

Apparently Kit Kats are popular in Japan. They come in boxes and are packed by 2 sticks in 2 wrappers inside. So far I have found 6 flavors. I keep looking for more flavors...

Normal, Just like America

Green Tea:
Yummy, just like what you would expect. Green chocolate outside, white wafer inside.

Apple Vinegar:
A bit strange. Apple flavor with a bit of extra tang. White outside.

White Chocolate:

Expresso Coffee:

Kinako (Toasted Soy Bean Flour):
Tasty. It doesn't really taste like Soy, more sugar and maybe a little peanut butterish, hard to describe.

I just googled KitKats and crap there are/have been a ton of flavors in Japan. Check it out.

Japan: Subway fare map from Tokyo Station


¥210 from Tokyo Station to Maihama (Disneyland). Look at all those stops and trains. Crazy and all in Japanese only. Luckily I have a map in English also.

Japan: Calvin Klein Underwear in Japan

They have some really interesting CK underwear here. Min price is $30 up to $50. Sorta out of my price range for underwear. But there are some awesome styles.



On these the waist band glows in the dark...

Check out the studs on the waistband...

Japan: Quick Tour around Ginza at Night

Today we walked all around Ginza. Boy are my feet and legs getting tired of walking. Very awesome, very bright at night and full of people. I'm thinking it gets way busier. I have seen that big X intersection packed with people. (Up to 10,000 can cross at once from what I have heard).

Here are all the pics from Ginza today.

Japan: Din Tai Fung




Our fav restaurant in Arcadia is also in Tokyo. Arcadia is actually better in our opinion. Also Arcadia is cheaper. :-) Not that this one was bad, just different. We talked with the ladies about going to the America version. They were excited.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Japan: Tokyo DisneySea: The Legend of Mythica Show

This is a really fun show. We watched it from the front of the park on Tuesday and from the top of the Castle today (Thurs). It was raining when the video was taken and really sunny when the photos were shot on Tues. I edited it down. It's about a 20 min show.

Japan: Our Favorite Attraction at DisneySea

Our Favorite Attraction at DisneySea is.... Journey to the Center of the Earth. Here is the video I shot today.

Japan: TDL: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Ride

Here is the video I shot on Big Thunder.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Japan: Pooh's Hunny Hunt Video

As promised. I love this ride. Joe and I agreed it's our favorite attraction at TDL.

Japan: My Video: Tokyo Splash Mountain

Japan: Pooh's Hunny Hunt

I have heard that the Tokyo Pooh was the best and boy that is dead on. Amazing. No track, all free moving cars. They go in groups of 3 and have different paths through the attraction rooms. Really cool. At one point they bounce along with Tigger. Just amazing. Blows the Anaheim version out of the water a million times over. We are going back tonight for more Pooh's Hunny Hunt!!!








More Pooh pics here

I'm going to try and shoot a video of it tonight. :-)

Japan: Dreamlights = Main Street Electrical Parade

Here in Tokyo Disneyland Dreamlights = Main Street Electrical Parade. Wow, was it colorful and fun. Great music and super amazing floats. Very awesome...








The entire parade pics are here.

Japan: Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

Tokyo Disneyland has some amazing theming. The best restaurant theming of ANY Disney park I have been to in-fact. But the winner for best overall has got to be Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.






More pics here.


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