Monday, May 25, 2009

Japan: We made it...

11 hrs on a plane = Really awesome good times. United has a cool GPS TV thing to show were the plane is, so that was nice. 4 movies, I watched 3 of the 4. Frost/Nixon (saw the show, was the same thing), 7 pounds (crapfest), Ink Heart (nifty), Bride Wars (was FUN) Got to Narita at 4pm here / Midnight in LA. Sat on the plane for 45mins while they did a medical sweep for flu people. All clear and off we went to customs. That was easy, no one checked any of our bags. Off to the train station for the trip to the hotel. 3 trains, 2 transfers and 2 hrs later we are finally at the Disneyland Resort. Monorail to the hotel and check it. It's not 4:30 AM in LA and boy I'm was sleepy.

Pics coming of the JR train others fun first day stuff.

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