Friday, August 29, 2014

Vacation 2014: Teton Tapas for a Yellowstone Entree: Day 5

Today we woke later than anticipated. Either the bed was that comfortable or we were that tired from driving. Sadly we had to bid farewell to our White Buffalo Club room. Suite. Thing. It was very nice, and while I will miss its luxury, I won’t miss paying for it.

We turned in our keys, and checked out. As we ambled down the block to find a cute local breakfast place, we passed the ski fence, made crudely in the most endearing way possible of alternating downhill skis, and board slats. It was quite cleverly done. For breakfast, we settled on The Bunnery. I was hoping for bunny-themed food, like rabbit roadkill omelet, or bunny benedict, but no it was fairly standard fare. And the buns they were referring to were of the “hot, cross” variety.

Unfortunately it was not as exciting as I had hoped. My bacon omelet had lot of bacon, but the eggs weren’t great and there weren’t enough other things to balance the flavors. I’m not trying to say there was too much bacon, NO! but …well, yes I am. Because! Their bacon was super cheap diner bacon and not some gourmet bacon experience. There weren’t enough fresh tomatoes and melted cheddar to overcome the cheap baconaeity of the this eggy disaster. The hashbrowns were good, though, and they have some special bread they make there, called OSM (Oat, Sunflower Seed and Millet) and it was quite tasty, even with cheap orange marmalade.

After that we walked around to some of the galleries we missed last night. There was so much incredible artwork, and many of them ran the gamut in terms of style from classic to modern. There was a fairly limited subject matter, though, being the old west. They were all landscapes (lot of aspens), Native Americans, cowboys, horses, and wildlife, and combinations thereof. It was very western art, not that I don’t enjoy that. I do, but we both reached our saturation point and decided it was time to continue the adventure.

We grabbed a quick selfie at the famous piles of antlers, and headed out of town toward our actual destination and the reason for the whole trip: Yellowstone!

But it took us a helluva long time to arrive at our campsite because we kept having to stop every 10 minutes to take pictures of all the beautiful crap. Oh and first there was that whole Grand Tetons thing on the way.

Yep. They are pretty grand ’n shit.

We officially entered Yellowstone!

We came in through the south entrance and passed all kind many vistas, pull-outs and looky-loo memory-capture points. Yellowstone is a hot sexy model. You want to take pictures of everything from every angle. You want to document every pore (she has several and they are steaming). It is difficult at times to remember to take a moment in between pictures and actually feel the experience for yourself. Let it wash over you. Breathe the fresh air. Check out that hiker’s sexy legs.. or whatever.

While we explored the area near our campsite, we stopped at the bubbling pots, and we also got some amazing pictures of a bison that was close enough to model for Gregory. I can’t wait for you to see those pictures. Many of them turned out great!

Before sunset, we traveled back to Firehole Lake, and got a few fun pictures there. There was family with two young kids who were so loud. They were just of a loud age, probably about 9 years old. They were playing and happy, just too rambunctious and it got a little grating. And they somehow seemed to be following us from site to site. But eventually they passed us by, and so, figuring there would be no need, I put the tranquilizer gun away.

Once the sun went down, it got cold and we felt the need to return to our campsite. I was a little nervous leaving a lot of our stuff there, for fear of being robbed. You never know with campers. But all was well, if a little cold. The jammies got put on immediately and I started settling in for the night. I knew the weather would get cold, but I had plenty of blankets it if got unbearable. So excited for tomorrow’s adventure!

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