Sunday, September 16, 2007

Andrew Christian Pirate Coin Necklace

About 16 months ago I designed this pirate coin necklace as an idea for a pin or some kind of design for use at Andrew Christian, were I work. It was around the beginning of Pirate Mania with POTC 2 being released and everyone was going crazy for pirates.

They seemed to like the design, but nothing happened with it for about 6 months. Then we decided to get a sample made as a necklace. Great, looks fine only it was in gold and way to big to be a necklace. So then they re-sampled it in silver and that was good. We placed the order and a month later we got pirate coins, actual coins, even though all the samples had been necklaces, because it was named "pirate coin" we got f-ing coins.

That company was dumped and we moved to a cheaper direct from China maker, starting the sample process over again. Finally 1 1/2 years after the design was first put to paper, here it is, finally a necklace and finally ready to sell and use as promo items for the company.

If you would like one, I totally know a guy who can hook you up with one. Email me.

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