Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bad Idea Bears

Bad Idea Bears

So, when you listen to the show a gillian times on CD, there isn't much new material, but man the Bad Idea Bears in Avenue Q are really fun. Probably the best part of the show for me, since I was so familiar with all the song already.

Overall I liked the show. I think I liked Wicked more. It was always an argument with Don back in 2003 when both shows started as too which one was better. At the time we only had the CDs, so it was only based on the music for me. I liked Ave Q more. Now that I have seen both shows, I got to say, Wicked is amazing. Ave Q is good, but Wicked is better.

Side note: Joey wouldn't give me an answer to the "Which is better?" question. He said he didn't have to vote for Best Musical 2003 Tony, so he didn't have to pick.

See them both, and you decide. Next up is The Color Purple, not really excited about this one, but I'm thinking we will go anyway. The great thing about shows at the Ahmanson is they are all top notch.

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