Wednesday, September 1, 2010

London Day 4

Before I begin today's recap, I must mention one thing that happened at Windsor Castle during the changing of the guard ceremony, as the band was playing and the soldiers were lining up, a little girl in pigtails said, "mummy, are the soldiers going to dance?" We thought we would die.

So we had to bid London farewell today. It was a little sad due to the language comfort factor and due to the fact we found it to be awesome. Talk about a sexy man parade, go Brits...

We spent the bulk of the day at the Tower of London, since it was literally across the street from our hotel. We saw the crown jewels, which sparkled expensively, the torture chamber, which loomed bloodily, the bloody tower, which was...creepy but not bloody to the naked eye, the white tower, a lot of armor, some really, really long swords, armor for a 6'8" man and for a 37" man/boy/leprechaun, and of course the ravens. There always six ravens housed at the tower due to an old superstition, that six ravens must always be at the tower or something horrible will happen. But these honestly did not seem to be ordinary ravens. They were huge! And there was just something about them. Je-ne-sais-quois, par example.

After our brains were full, we walked across London Bridge and saw a couple of storm troopers. Because that happens.

We stopped at an AMAZING pub for lunch, the Bridge House. The bangers and mash were incredible. They must have used a quarter pound of butter for my serving of mash alone which was awesome. I had two pints of Guinness and was most pleased. Gregory ordered meat pie at the suggestion of the waiter, who was awesome, but we neglected to get his name. So whomever you are, you rule!

We walked back along the Thames river, a really salt watery, variable tide, and muddy mess of a river. And back to the hotel to retrieve the bags.

Our trip to the Eurorail was uneventful, though the journey to France was delicious and they offered us twice as much wine as the last trip, and Gregory was kind enough to give me his wine, so I had a LOT of wine, which made the trip even more spectacular. Though our inaugural journey to our Paris hotel was probably longer than it needed to be, due to our not knowing where the hell we were, or where the hell we were going. But we made it safe and sound and our exploration of le vin e le chocolateries will begin tomorrow.

A la prochain! Until the next!

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