Monday, September 6, 2010

Paris Day 6

We awoke to the first chilly and overcast day in Paris. Being our last full day after a long trip, we decided to take it easy, though we had one important item of business to attend to. Last night, the ladies mentioned they heard the possibility of a metro workers strike, which was invaluable news since our plan was to take the metro to the airport. So with the help of our kind hotel clerk, we arranged for a shuttle to take us to the airporttomorrow morning. Our return journey will begin tomorrow at 7h15m au la matin.


We had lunch at a cafe around the corner from our hotel. I had a yummy chicken skewer and gregory ordered salmon tar tar, which was quite good, though he wasn't too happy with it. We also discovered a fromagerie, which was unfortunately closed.

We stopped into a pharmacy where a wonderfully patient kind woman waited while I looked up some words like sore throat (angine) and congestion (se congestionner). She helped us with the purchase of some cold medicine, as Gregory woke up this morning a little sniffly. We next stopped by the grocery to pick up a baguette and some chocolate to go with the bottle wine that I purchased a couple of days ago. While Gregory took a little nap, I had a little wine party and looked out the window of our hotel. It is possible for a bottle of wine to burn a hole in one's pocket.

The street is quite busy and noisy with the windows open but once you close and latch them, the difference is quite impressive. We never had an issue with street noise.

We went back to the Forum des Halles  to go shopping in the afternoon. We looked around through various stores including an H&M store which had some interesting and different things. A few trends we have noticed in our wanderings: they seem to like crew neck openings to be much larger than in the states, the cotton shirts are thinner and lighter, scarves are really in. And if you can breeze by foreigners in a $400 outfit with a giant stick up your ass, that apparently is also the rage.

We visited our favorite boulangerie with the incredible macaroons and got a big red one for breakfast tomorrow.

For our anniversary dinner, we revisited one of our favorite finds: Pain, Vin Fromages, to have fondue and again the best cheesecake in the Universe. This time we each had our own slice. And the restaurant gave us an additional dessert, because you need that, some kind of chocolate mousse cake with an amazing and confounding crunchy crust, and some kind of amazing creamy sauce that was light and I'm pretty sure levitating just above the plate.

As we got back to our hotel room to pack, the windows open, it started to rain and the amazing air filled our room.

Tomorrow we return to real life, not at all surprised how easy it is to fall in love with this city. With so many wonderful memories, we look forward to returning someday.

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