Saturday, September 4, 2010

Paris Day 3

Our day started with a trip to the Loreé oboe store, basically where my oboe was born. I took my reeds with me just in case I got to play some oboes and I did. They had a Loreé Royale, same as the horn I currently own, and a standard and ak bore each of the standard Loreé and the 125 Loreé. The action was amazing, so quick subtle and responsive; wish I could say the same for my reeds. They also had am English horn, but alas I didn't have a reed with me. There was one sitting there but with the language barrier it was a little awkward, so I chickened out on asking. The woman was very kind and even offered me a gift of Loreé eau de toilette pour homme et femme. Perhaps it smells like bore oil, who knows, but I'm excited.

Gregory was very sweet to wait for me while I played through the horns and also while I looked through sheet music at the incredible sheet music store across the street. I ended up not buying anything because I could feel Gregory's eyes burning a small hole in the back of my skull. So we left for a cute pasta place. It was run by a nice man and woman and probably a chain, but they were so sweet, we decided to go. I felt bad though, since they didn't take credit cards, they had to break my €50 bill.

We wandered through a few interesting clothing stores, big French malls with both regular and fancy brands, since one must observe latest fashion trends. And where else in the world but Paris? Eventually we ended up at the Louvre.

Ok, The Louvre, you win. You are too big for a mere human. I mean The Louvre is hugely enormo-gigantical. There's not a word big enough to describe this place, and not just huge hallways but big tall ceilings, it was beyond palatial. My head became full of art quite quickly. Like when you close your eyes after a camera flash, all I can see is a mass of marble, oils, light and shadows. So many Greek marble statues, enough penises to make up for the previous day, so many paintings of the christ child, the virgin, the virgin with the christ, the christ suckling at the breast (a LOT of those--clearly a preoccupation), the Christ at the table, the Christ on the cross looking regal, looking deathly, stern, benevolent, you name it.

We got to see the Venus de Milo. She may not arms, but she has nearly perfect breasts. There was a beautiful statue of Psyche and Cupid. Luckily you were allowed to take photos, so we took a few.

Ah and of course, Mona Lisa, you are the most popular girl in school. Everyone wants a little bit of attention from that mischievous smile. But we can't get to close. Alas, it looks a little lonely at the top, n'est ce pas?

They had a really cool Egyptian installation, with many artifacts that were a few thousand years old, if I remember correctly some were 1500 b.c. Really amazing. They also had an actual mummy with its Canopus vases. They had some mummified cats and even a crocodile.

We finally had to surrender and wandered back to Marais where our hotel is located. We settled on dinner at a cafe down the street. Gregory ordered steak tar-tar which was as good as any sushi we've ever had. I ordered a salmon cooked in butter, because why not take the most delicious butteriest fish and add more butter? It formed a browned crispy outer layer that was to die for.

For dessert we had a fruit topped cheesecake from a neighborhood boulangerie, which was quite amazing. We devoured it on the spot, unable to help ourselves. We also picked up a small box of macaroons. We're heading out to check out the nightlife tonight, hence the slightly early post.

Tomorrow, l'Arc de Triumph! Et al...

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